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Marketer’s Field Guide – Hashtags, Everyone’s Favorite Trend

The Hastag - Everyone's Favorite TrendThe Marketer’s Field Guide is our very own podcast produced by Chase Webster and Josh Dunn. Episode 4, ‘Hashtags,’ covers the impact of social media hashtags and the different ways they are used both positively and negatively....

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Should you hire a local advertising agency?

Should you hire a local advertising agency?Finding the right person or team to help your business is a delicate process. You are probably looking for someone who is knowledgeable, will work with you and your team, and most importantly someone who is budget-friendly....
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Emulous Creative’s 7-Year Anniversary

Emulous Creative is celebrating our 7-year anniversary!To honor Emulous Creative’s seventh anniversary, I want to address a common question I get when first describing the company.What does emulous mean? Emulous (pronounced em-yə-ləs) is an adjective meaning 1....

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